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Update: Tuesday, March 24, 2020
Hey Citymark Family,
As many of you have heard by now there is a shelter in place order going into effect at midnight tonight (March 24th) and will be in effect until April 3rd. This order clearly lists out who is allowed to continue to work and who is restricted to only going out for essential items (food, medical care, etc)
You can read the whole order here.
As it pertains to Citymark Church, we are allowed to have some of our staff still meet to prepare video services for the coming week. There are certain restrictions that we must abide by but we are doing everything we can to create a powerful service for you this week.
Please continue to pray for us as we navigate the current situation and we are praying for you and your family during this season.
Please stay safe and follow the order, if you have needs please contact to see how me might serve you.
Dear Citymark Family,
As you likely know by now, Mayor Turner called for a state of emergency after a local Houston man was found to have the Coronavirus, not linked to outside travel.  This in turn has led to a fair amount of uncertainty and even panic in our area, not to mention what is happening around the world. Many of you may be wondering how Citymark, and how the church in general, should respond to this global event. We will be keeping you updated by posting regularly to this page.
Here is what we firmly believe. This is not a time for fear and worry, but it is a time for wisdom and discernment. We are told in 2 Timothy 1:7 that as God’s children we have not been given a spirit of fear. We are choosing to draw near to God and asking Him for His grace, wisdom, protection and leadership for our church, city, nation and world. Scripture also calls us as believers to honor and submit to those who are in positions of authority in government. By doing so, we model a spirit of Godly humility and respect, which ultimately preserves our witness.
Today, the mayor and government health officials hosted a conference call with pastors and other organizational leaders and have urged that we currently not host gatherings larger than 200-250 people.
Based on their request and recommendations we have made the following decisions, not out of fear or anxiety, but purely out of respect and to model cooperation with our city and government health officials:
  1. We will not host our regular worship experiences and activities at Citymark Church through the rest of March. We believe this is wise and honors the requests of our city and state leadership. We will be airing our services and other special content on that we would love for you and your family to tune in for.
  2. We are thankful that God’s church is so much more than a building or large public gathering and that we can “have church” from each of our homes because we ARE the church. We are encouraging all of our groups to continue to “meet” but we are providing virtual options to do that.
  3. We encourage you to give online, at the church office, or by text giving since we will not be holding public worship experiences this week. 
Citymark, we are called to leave our mark on our city, so let’s lead with love and care in our connect groups, neighborhoods, work places, and schools. We have an opportunity through this widespread fear to show people the goodness of Jesus, so let’s do that!
Last, but absolutely not least, pray! 
  • Pray for calm, reason and wisdom. Pray for God’s spirit of peace to rule and reign in hearts and minds.
  • Pray for healing and for God to take what the enemy means for evil and to ultimately reveal His glory by pointing people to Jesus: the hope, healing and salvation of the world.
  • Pray for God’s wisdom for our local, state and national government leaders, the CDC and those on the frontlines making daily decisions that effect our world during this challenge. 
Citymark, above all, remember that Jesus is still in control, and rest assured that He holds our world securely in His hands! 
We will continue to monitor this situation daily, so please check our church website and Facebook page for future updates.