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what to expect

How should I dress?

Come casual. Wear your jeans, a pair of khakis, or business casual; whatever you're most comfortable in!

What about my children?

They'll have a blast in our exciting kids' programs designed just for them! (Guests repeatedly tell us their children loved their experience and can't wait to return!) When you arrive, our welcome team will help guide you to TinyTown (for infants thru K) or UpTown (for 1st-5th Graders). If you prefer, you are welcome to keep your children with you in the worship service as long as they are not distracting.

What about my teenager?

6th-12th Grade
We are seeing a MOVE of God, and MOVEMENT in our students (6th-12th graders) at our Wednesday night youth experience. We have a lot of fun together, but take meaningful time to worship and hear a practical, helpful message from the Bible each week. We then wrap-up our time each Wednesday by breaking up into small groups (led by some incredible small group leaders) to process everything we’re learning and see how we can apply it to our lives. It’s these relationships with our small group and our small group leaders that really make MVMNT so much more than just another church service.

MVMNT meets every Wednesday of the month AFTER the first week (we have an all-church worship experience called Encounter on the first Wednesday of every month).

What kind of church are you?

We are a fresh, innovative, independent church that is empowered by God's Spirit and built on God's Word. Everything we do and teach is based on the Bible and the person of Jesus Christ. In addition to our Sunday service, during the week we connect in connect groups throughout the bay area to form lasting, authentic relationships and to study the Bible together.

How long is the worship service and what is it like?

The worship service typically lasts 75 minutes. Our highest goal is to experience God's presence and to be touched by Him. We begin with a time of joyful and inspiring worship music led by our band. Guests frequently tell us how much this helps them to meaningfully connect with God. Most people sing and clap along; others might lift their hands humbly in worship; some might simply listen and reflect quietly. We invite you to be who you are and to seek God with authenticity and sincerity.

What about the teaching?

We don't water Scripture down . . . we humbly teach it with conviction and straightforward simplicity. So whether you're just tearing the plastic-wrap off your first Bible, or whether you've read it cover to cover, you can grow deeply and be challenged to experience the incredibly rich life God offers you through Jesus Christ.

Culture-Current Communication:

Jesus used methods that were relevant and understandable in order to communicate the timeless gospel message to his generation. That's why we feature engaging videos and other media that speak the language of our times. Our message is never shallow, but you'll always get something on Sunday you can truly use on Monday!

Can I be anonymous? Will anyone point me out or embarrass me?

You won't be singled-out in any way. We'll greet you warmly, help you find your way around, and answer any questions you might have. A simple guest form is available to give us a brief record of your visit if you choose. Guests are specifically asked to feel no obligation to give money.