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Learning To Minister Like Jesus

Level 1: "Learning To Minister Like Jesus"

  • what Jesus really intends for his followers to do
  • how to move from attending church to advancing God’s Kingdom in power
  • the gifts of the Spirit and how you can operate in them (and not just one)
  • how to pray for the sick or oppressed without being weird
  • why does healing sometimes happen and sometimes not (and how to respond)
  • the ways the Holy Spirit speaks and how you can recognize them
  • the fulfillment and excitement of being equipped by God to do his works

Level 2: Foundations for Prophetic Ministry

This dynamic, advanced workshop is for those who have already attended “Learning to Minister Like Jesus”, and will run simultaneously with Level 1. This advanced training, presented by trusted author and pastor Dr. Steve Meeks, will cover such topics as:

  • understanding & embracing your destiny in Christ
  • what is the gift of prophecy?
  • why does the scripture encourage us to eagerly desire the gift of prophecy?
  • how can you flow in the prophetic gifts?
  • how to recognize revelation or promptings from the Holy Spirit
  • healthy, balanced ways to share a word of prophecy
  • safeguards against error and abuse of spiritual gifts
  • how you can grow & cultivate spiritual gifts by use & refinement