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our values

Authentic Worship

We seek to passionately love God with all our being-heart, soul, mind and strength. We want to actively devote ourselves to a lifestyle of contagious & authentic worship, evidenced more by what we do than what we merely say. We are created with an insatiable need to worship, and in offering ourselves fully to God, we experience our ultimate purpose in life.

Persistent Prayer

We look first to God to meet every need through prayer. Recognizing that everything we have and hope for is given by God, we will persistently seek his will, guidance and power for all that we do. Simply put, prayer is our lifeline to the living God!

Active Mission

It is not enough to say we love God. We want to live his love through selfless acts of service, expressing the truth of God's Word through our deeds, both locally and globally. We will regularly multiply leaders and churches that do the same.

Compassionate Ministry

We seek to touch lives as Jesus did-moved with compassion to help those who are desperate, sick, poor, broken and lost. We will befriend those who are struggling and know what it means to fall. We offer every person the life, healing and forgiveness Jesus gives, without condemnation or judgment.

Transformational Community

Jesus taught that loving God without loving one another is impossible. That's why we meet regularly in small groups to share life together-the ups and the downs-and to encourage one another to fully mature as Christ-followers.

Naturally Supernatural

The church is not a slick institution built by human effort and strategy, but a community of believers empowered by the Holy Spirit. Therefore, we humbly and completely depend on God's Spirit to work in and through us. We seek the ongoing filling and empowerment of the Spirit to minister and touch lives in authentic, natural ways through his supernatural power.